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Sheet music and Guitar Tabs

This is a collection of guitar tabs and other sheet music I've created in Guitar Pro and other music scoring software for my own use which I thought others might also benefit from. It will include guitar lessons, cover songs, classical music and originals which I'll add to the collection from time to time.

Dave Bates / Edge of Paradise collection

The following guitar tabs are for some small fun instructional videos that Dave Bates of the band Edge of Paradise has released on Youtube. They are ZIP file archives which contain the master Guitar Pro 6 files I have created, along with exports for Guitar Pro 5, PDF files, PNG image, ASCII tab, MIDI, WAV, MP3 and OGG Vorbis audio formats. They may include audio at multiple speeds to practice with for those who do not own Guitar Pro. I may include more or less formats in the future depending on feedback. Each archive contains a README.txt file explaining the contents and which contains a URL to Dave's official video on Youtube and other information. Unless stated otherwise, these are unofficial transcriptions I've made myself either by ear or based on notation provided by Dave in his videos or on the Edge of Paradise website. I may update them with corrections if necessary based on feedback. Check out Dave's awesome licks, and Edge of Paradise's music, they are a fantastic up and coming band out of California! Edge of Paradise YouTube Channel